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My creative practice has been in transition over the past year as I’ve developed my home studio set-up. Space limitations have dictated both scale and mobility of not only my tools, but also my work. The goal hasn’t changed: Make art. Scale, complexity, etc. are currently regarded as inconsequential. If there is an output, I regard it as successful. So far, this usually means sketchbooks, purse or pocket sized lino scraps, speedball relief tools and an ink pad. All of my portable inks in pen, ink pot, or ink pad forms have been blue for a few years now. After falling in love with Yves Klein’s writings on the subject, it has been difficult to stray from it. I work in blue to remind myself that the action is holy to me. I nearly forgot other colors until summer came to Georgia again and the bright greens began to burst from the clay. When winter rolled around I was full enough of colors to commit to my first multi-block since I left behind all convenient registration and paper-tearing tools of the Lamar Dodd studios. It was a two block print, but that’s progress.