May Hitchings

Art + Design + Development


likes to make things.

I’ll take on any medium, digital or otherwise. I’m a fast learner and I love troubleshooting.

Current Work

        I’m currently working for Community Brands LLC as a web developer. Most of my work is CSS and front end javascript with some php. Mostly, I get requests for new features or content, and it’s a mad dash to make it as fast as possible. I love the designers I’m working with and my eagle eyed creative director is really making me push myself. My work is cleaner and more responsive than ever, and I’m getting to be pretty creative with my implementation of some custom code within the WordPress framework.

        In my creative practice, I’ve expanded my interests to textiles, chainmaille, tattooing and painting. I took a solid 5 years off of painting, but I’m back and full of motivation to explore new processes. My relief printing practice is still active, but my heart misses the sounds and general hubbub of the studio. I spend too much time roller skating to make something every day, but I still keep a sketchbook and the ideas are still flowing. As long as I’m making something, learning something, I’m content.