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"Consider everything an experiment."

Corita Kent

Full Stack Development:
Community Brands LLC

December 2021 – present

These sites used Divi as a parent theme, but were highly customized to fit the distinct requirements of each site’s branding. Expologic was my first build with this company, and we built from scratch and launched within a month of my arrival. Attendee Interactive used the same basic structure as Expologic, but expanded on it. Each site features custom Javascript and PHP functionality across the site, written both by myself and by co-developer Brian Merrill. Nimble AMS and Pathable were great opportunities to implement custom animations using javascript and css. These sites each have different custom post types and dynamic elements such as a post archive that pulls information based on a tagging system on the back end of WordPress. Design was by Max Kuznetzov and Leah Lukens. I’ve loved working with this team and look forward to more site rebuilds to come. Ask me about analytics for these projects.

Full Stack Development:
University of Georgia

Development and Alumni Relations

April 2021

This landing page was the primary resource to direct donors to the correct giving forms and inform our audience on the status of different giving challenges throughout the week. It was built using a Bootstrap core and included charts from both Highcharts and Google Maps. Counters in the top right corner fed by json data showed the total number of gifts and dollar amount raised. It also featured donation thermometers via css and jquery that counted up gifts towards each challenge’s goal. The goal for this project for me was to make all of the information accessible and optimize load times and general performance. Ask me about analytics for this project.

Front End Development:
University of Georgia

Development and Alumni Relations

October 2020

This project was a simple landing page for the Auburn vs UGA Beat Week 2020. Its primary feature is a set of counters showing the number of total donors and student donors from each school, filled via JSON.

Front End Development:
George Washington University Fullstack Coding Bootcamp

March 2020

Job searching isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be quite so hard. WorkHQ is a tool designed to assist job-seekers in organizing their job search. WorkHQ is built and deployed using the MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) stack. Information is displayed to the user via React. Express and Node handle server-side functionality. User and job data are stored using MongoDB with Mongoose as the ORM. Authentication flow is handled with Firebase Authentication. Users are able to securely log in with Google or anonymously to test features. Project is deployed via Heroku with MLabs (operates with MongoDB Atlas) as the cloud DB provider. My role in this project was to design and develop UX/UI and handle MongoDB integration.

Full-stack Development:
George Washington University Fullstack Coding Bootcamp

February 2020

Recipe Room is a web application for the creation, storage, and viewing of cocktail recipes. You can view basic cocktail recipes pulled via API from The Cocktail DB or add your own to the MySQL database, which can be searched by alcohol type. My role in this project was to design the UX/UI,  and build and integrate the database.

Front End Development:
George Washington University Fullstack Coding Bootcamp

January 2020

Busy Bot helps users find events based on location, time, or event type and only displays events from the Ticketmaster API that the user can reach in time based on travel times estimated by the Mapquest Route Matrix API. My role in this 3 person team was to handle styling, button functionality, and dynamic DOM element creation as well as integrating third party libraries, moment.js, Mapquest Geolocation API, and Mapquest Route Matrix API.

Web Design; Brand Development:
Foundation for Family & Community Healing

January 2019 – present

I began at the Foundation as a volunteer, focusing my attentions on developing a brand from first drafts of a logo all the way to launching their site, which was built primarily using WordPress. My responsibilities have also included oversight of interns’ publication of social media posts and other promotional materials.

UX/UI design; Web design:

July 2018 – Sept 2018

I began my time at VirtualKEY as UX/UI Designer working primarily on the web and mobile app designs, but quickly took on additional graphic design responsibilities. I used Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign to create printed and digital ads including trade show materials such as banners, fliers, brochure spreads and social media content. After producing several design iterations for the reboot of the VirtualKEY website, I built an entirely new site using a Bootstrap template as a base.

New Media Institute

Aug 2017- Feb 2018

For our senior capstone project, my team was tasked with expanding the ODYSSEY Media Group’s online presence into a mobile app in order to grow their readership and better serve their readers. For this goal, I designed and co-developed an iOS app using Swift and Objective C within the XCode environment, worked closely with the WP REST API and used Javascript to pull JSON data remotely from the client’s existing website. My experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro was essential both to the design of the app and in the creation of both digital and printed promotional materials, which included a small informational booklet which folded out to a full-sized poster.

Graphic/Web Design:
Classic City Rollergirls

Feb 2018 – present

My work for the Classic City Rollergirls has primarily consisted of graphic design for bout promotion via fliers, posters, and merchandise. I also have collaborated with the creator of the website to improve its design and functionality. This has included the development of the “Rollergirls” page of the “About Us” section of the site to include photographs and information on each of the team members.

Graphic Design:
Jittery Joe’s Coffee for Good Dirt Clay Studio

Nov 2018

I completed this design as a rush job for Good Dirt’s collaborative blend with Jittery Joe’s Coffee, which was released at the holiday sale in early December.

Graphic Art:
Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

July – August 2018

This piece was commissioned by Creature Comforts as a beginning of a series of screen printed coloring pages to spearhead their Get Artistic campaign. My subject matter was entirely sourced from live sketches of the brewery environment and served to highlight the eexperiende of the staff as a community. Art Director Madeline Bates and I later adapted the design to a 3x4′ plywood version for patrons to color in with chalk.

Athens Community Council on Aging

Jan – April 2018

This series was commissioned by Carly Landa for her introductory birding class at the ACCA. Each drawing features a bird native to the Athens area.

Web design:
Adrian Hanson Portfolio Site

Aug 2016 – Oct 2016

For this project, I worked with Mr. Hanson to build a basic portfolio site using a Bootstrap template. This opportunity also provided me with the chance to work with Amazon Web Services for Mr. Hanson’s hosting.

Web design:
Kudzu Jungle

Nov 2016

I created Kudzu Jungle as an example of a landing page for an online art feature for Lamar Dodd School of Art. Its purpose was to highlight student work in a publicly accessible manner. This exercise allowed me to entertain a few different gallery formats and play with information hierarchy.

Graphic design:

Sept 2016 – Nov 2016

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I worked with band members of Honeywheel preceding the release of their album titled “Shadowboxing” to develop a vector logo for merchandise as well as the album art.