May Hitchings

Art + Design + Development


likes to make things.

I’ll take on any medium, digital or otherwise. I’m a fast learner and I love troubleshooting.

Current Work

       As a developer, I’m responsible for three main WordPress sites:,, and I manage and maintain them, their themes and plugins, and create new content for them as the division’s needs continue to grow and change. Beyond these three I’ve had the opportunity to build and for two distinct giving campaigns throughout my past year or so at the University of Georgia.

    In my creative practice, I’ve expanded my interests to textiles, chainmaille, tattooing and painting. I took a solid 5 years off of painting, but I’m back and full of motivation to explore new processes. My relief printing practice is still active, but my heart misses the sounds and general hubbub of the studio. I spend too much time roller skating to make something every day, but I still keep a sketchbook and the ideas are still flowing. As long as I’m making something, learning something, I’m content.